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A cleaner, healthier home begins with a Beam

Deep carpet clean, terrific suction and airflow, no battery to charge, total removal of the dirty exhaust, improves indoor air quality, easy to use hose, fingertip control, safer when cleaning stairs, fanastic when dusting and for upholstery, no smell in the house, very little noise, no pulling around a heavy machine, great for asthma and hay-fever suffers.
You and your family deserve a Beam!

Imagine a quiet Vacuum Cleaner that doesn't leave a smell in the room and is up to five times more powerful than you've ever had before.
Imagine a Vacuum Cleaner that makes your home healthier every time you use it, by encouraging fresh air to come into your home.
Imagine the convienence of cleaning your home just with a light-weight hose and not having to carry and drag around heavy equipment.
Imagine a Vacuum Cleaner that actually adds value to your home and has the security of a 10 year Warranty.
Imagine no more, with pride we introduce, Beam Central Vacuum Systems.

This is why you should invest in a Beam System.
Impressive benefits which you will love!

Do you want a vacuum cleaner, which?

  1. has suction and airflow, up to five times that of a portable cleaner
  2. has the required suction to deep clean your carpets
  3. doesn’t re-circulate dust into the air your family breathes
  4. has been endorsed by the asthma foundation
  5. has the option of a retracting lightweight hose, a Hide-a Hose™
  6. has Beam Dealer Servicing and Maintenance, Alliance System, 10-year Warranty
  7. you empty only 3 times a year, has an automatic dustpan for your kitchen
  8. you can use for as long as required, does not have batteries that need recharging
  9. is quiet and safe to use, vacuum when the baby is sleeping, easy to clean stairs.
  10. will add value to and is a chattel, for the life of your home.

Quality Homes, Deserve Quality Chattels

Beam Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems


Beam New Zealand supply systems which will cater for all homes and all price ranges. Whether your home is large or small, your home will be a healthier place to live and cleaning will be a breeze, with a Beam System.


Customer Service

30+ years of experience
25 Dealers nationwide
Up to 10 year warranty
30,000+ satisfied customers in New Zealand

Another Happy BEAM Customer

(Click through, to find a reference for your local Dealer)

  • Peter and Alice Stewart

    John Hardie, Beam Timaru (027) 433 3618

    “Having used Beam products for the past 10 years I have no problem in recommending this product.

    We have been involved in numerous renovations and building projects over this time and am happy to say that no build or alteration is complete until a Beam Vacuum system has been installed.

    Over the years we have found Hardie Electrical ’s design, supply and install second to none.

    Servicing and parts have never been a problem.

    When required we have found the service from Hardie Electrical has never been a problem and extremely quick.

    We currently run Beam Systems in several applications and have found them to be very reliable, great suction, cleaning and easy to operate especially where there are multi-levels involved.

     Hardie Electrical is highly recommended to all for their professional service.

    For us, it’s  Beam Vacuum system every time from Hardie Electrical”
    Peter and Alice Stewart
  • Craig Anderson
    Mike Jenkins, Beam Hawkes Bay

    Mike Jenkins, Beam Hawkes Bay (021) 230 0674

    Also Mike, thanks again for your installation.

    Your workmanship is something you should be very proud of.

      I have put bracing in for the unit and will be in touch regarding the unit once painters have finished.

      Invoice has come through, so I will pay tonight.
    Craig Anderson
  • Denwin and Jeff from one of the Beam businesses in Auckland

    Denwin and Jeff, Auckland Phone (022)132 4800


    Congratulations BEAM Rodney Team (Jeff and Den) for delivering a product in such a professional manner.

    From receiving a quote to installation was less than a Day.

    The Serviceman:

    left no mess

    no empty boxes or plastic wrap

    took the old model away

    and, locked the house when he left.

    The operating Manual was left in an obvious place.

    When I came home the system performed as it should.

    My Boss/wife was very pleased.

    Awesome Team.

    Peter D
  • Quinten, Beam Central Auckland & Counties areas. (022) 010 6007

    Good evening Jo,

    I wanted to send some feedback on Quinten Puffy who attended today to service our BEAM vacuum.

      Quinten delivered an excellent service representing your company very well. He was friendly and was skilful in fixing some issues with an old hose. Our vacuum is running super well as if it’s brand new again. Please pass on our appreciation to him and if that’s his normal then he deserves to be recognised.

    Cheers Donny  15.06.20

  • Wayne Scott, Davies Homes, Cambridge
    Tim and Teresa, Waikato (027) 575 0718

    Jobsite:  DH 109 SCOTT (Mike Smith Drive, St Kilda)

    Address:  BC 0524/18

    Schedule Item:  Central Vac Pipe Out

    Completed:  17 September.

    Very neat job done by Tim.

    Wayne Scott, Davies Homes, Cambridge
  • Sue Norrington
    Judy Cruickshank, Auckland (022) 498 2211

    Dear Judith, Jo and your amazing servicemen.

      I wish to thank you all for your very good service and consideration.

    In this day and age, it is very pleasant to have a quick response, service people who turn up on time and are polite and considerate.

    I have dealt with your company for several years and just wanted to say that I appreciate the extra trouble you all take.  
    Sue Norrington
  • Stuart Harrison
    Your company installed our central vacuum system about 11 years ago when our house was being built. We would like to pass on how well it has worked. It has been totally reliable and worked very efficiently. The dust collector is also very easy to empty as required. Thank you for a job well done by a local company.  
    Stuart Harrison
  • Terry Castle
    Alastair Carter, BOP Beam Dealer

    Alastair, Bay of Plenty 0800 35 77 07

    To whom it may concern.

    My wife & I have had a BEAM vacuum system in our house since moving to the BOP 5 ¾ years ago.

    Perfection plus would be an understatement.

    In buying a BEAM central vac’ system you are buying the equivalent of a Rolls Royce in vacuuming. Easy to use & so convenient in not having to drag a conventional vacuum cleaner around a house where it constantly collides with furniture & leaves scrape marks on corners of walls.

    The BEAM representative for the BOP Alastair Carter is an absolute gentleman & his after sales service is second to none.

    You can have total confidence in his installation work & his assistance at any time in the future.

    Congratulation BEAM & Alastair, you cannot be too highly recommended & you make a perfect partnership with the very best of vacuum systems. Regards, Terry Castle, Omokoroa.
    Terry Castle
  • YC Homes

    Jeff and Denwin Auckland (022) 132 4800


        "We strongly recommend that you choose Beam to meet your central vacuuming needs. We and Beam have had a very close cooperation in the past few years. Their finished quality is very good, and they have maintained good quality in all aspects of construction. Communication. We are very satisfied with Beam as our central vacuum cleaner. We will definitely recommend Beam to customers and friends in need. We are impressed by Beam's focus and professionalism."
    YC Homes
  • Christine Hassall
    Taranaki Beam Dealers

    Rob Mason Electrical

    New Plymouth (027) 603 9984

    It is with pleasure that I submit my referral for the Beam Vacuum System, which was installed in my new home eight years ago.

    I can honestly say that vacuuming is now a pleasure, with the ease of vacuuming greatly improved because of the lack of dragging the machine around.

      The suction is by far the most superior system I have used.

    Our home is two stories and vacuuming the stairs is a breeze, not having to worry about the machine falling down the stairs or tripping me up as I vacuum.

    The collection compartment holds a big quantity and is very easy to empty.

    I am very happy with the System in my home and therefore decided to install a Beam Central Vacuum System in the offices of our business which we built earlier this year.

    I have no hesitation in recommending this System to anyone who is contemplating installation
    Christine Hassall
  • Judy, Auckland (022)498 2211

    Hello Joanne & Judy,

    Thank you for coordinating the ducting installation last week.

    Quinten did a superb job installing the ducting system, even the electrician commented on the fine workmanship!

    Regards,  Stephen  15.06.20

  • Murray Fulcher
    Alastair Carter, BOP Beam Dealer

    Alastair Carter, BOP Dealer 0800 35 77 07

    I wish to advise you of a very pleasant experience we have enjoyed from your BOP Dealer, Alastair Carter.

    We have a large contemporary two storied home in Tauranga which was built seven years ago by Signature Homes.  Our home has been regularly featured on TV in Signature Homes advertisements over that time and we are very proud of it.

    Unfortunately about six months ago we lost the suction in our Beam plumbing system.  I contacted the local dealer, Alastair Carter to ask for assistance.  I was aware that the system was out of warranty with the building company and that it had been sold to us and installed by the previous Beam Dealer.

    From that day Alastair has taken full responsibility for the failure of the system and has worked tirelessly to remedy our problem.  His dedication to the Beam brand and protection of the reputation of the product has been nothing short of awesome.

    Alastair has visited our home approximately ten times over the last three months, sometimes for four hours or more, pursuing numerous ideas and options to locate the leak in our system.  This has proven to be an impossible task with no ceiling or floor cavity.

    Finally last Friday we found the cause of the suction loss - a failed fitting which was never glued and was assembled 'spring loaded' by the previous installer.

    Alastair has insisted on no payment for his efforts, however, we will be presenting him with a modest Christmas gift for his family.  My wife Ann and I want to acknowledge that this guy has delivered exceptional service on behalf of your company with complete disregard to the personal cost to himself.

    He is a credit to your organization.      
    Murray Fulcher
  • Auckland Beam dealers, Denwin Hanvey and Jeff McLean

    Denwin Hanvey and Jeff McLean

    Beam Dealers, Rodney, North Shore and West Auckland Phone 022 132 4800

    I would like to highly recommend Jeff McLean for outstanding service last week.
    My hose had come out of the handle and he was able to guide me through the process of removing the o-ring, the hull, pressing the two release clips, reinserting the hull and threading the hose back on - all over the phone.
    He was so nice, friendly and willing .. so refreshing to have such nice customer service.
    Michelle Curtis 25.02.2021
  • Sharon and Graham Johnson
    Rob Mason, Rob Mason Electrical,

    Taranaki (027) 603 9984

    We have installed a Beam Vacuum System in our recently renovated home in New Plymouth.

    We live in a multi-level apartment and we were attracted to the Beam System because of its 'easy use' features.

    One particular advantage is the easy vacuuming of stairs with its light-weight flexible hose.

    We have a variety of floor surfaces in our home and the Beam System copes with them all more than adequately.

    As we approach retirement we look at household appliances that are efficient (i.e. not time consuming) reliable and easy to manage.

    To date the Beam Ducted Vacuum System has fulfilled all these requirements.
    Sharon and Graham Johnson
  • Peter and Tim Muller

    Wellington Dealers (021)852 088

    We had our Beam Central Vacuum System installed in our newly built about a year ago now. I have to say this is one of the best investment we had made in the new house.

    The quality of this Central System cannot be compared with the regular portable vacuum cleaners as the Beam System are at the next level. We Vacuum our house every weekend and the Beam System still works like it was installed on day 1.

    We have a two-floor house and the installation was done perfectly with enough hose length to cover both the floors, end to end.

    Perfectly installed by Tim Muller and team here as Wellington Branch Dealers.

    Tim's service was excellent and right from the beginning, he gave us all the options and types available and the benefits of each system and we were able to make a wise decision.

    Thank you Tim and Co for a job well done.

    Cheers Alfaaz
  • Jeremy and Carmel Gunn
    Craig Booth, Beam Christchurch/Canterbury Dealer Craig Booth

    Christchurch (027)418 8722

    Just a thanks to Craig and his off-sider who installed a replacement CVS in our house yesterday.

    Craig arrived exactly when he said he would and did a great job of installing the new machine.

    We are really happy with the new unit and the service that they provided.

    Jeremy and Carmel Gunn
  • Vonbon Construction Limited

    Jeff & Denwin, Auckland (022)132 4800

    'We have been using Beam for many years and found Jeff and Den to always provide us with excellent service.

    We are in the process of building our new Show Home in Millwater and will be using  the Beam team for this project.’
    Vonbon Construction Limited
  • F & T Austin

    Jeff and Denwin, Auckland (022) 132 4899

    “After comprehensive and exhaustive research into the various central vacuum systems available, we decided to install an Electrolux system in our new home.

    Jeff and Denwin from Beam were responsible for the design and installation of the system.

    Everything was completed on time (as promised), within budget and without interruption to the numerous other trades on site.

    It is not surprising that Jeff and Denwin’s dealership is one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.

    Needless to say, our central vacuum system works perfectly.”
    F & T Austin
  • Denwin (021)363 730

    To: Beam North Shore

    Thanks Denwin for a fast and efficient service.

    It has transformed my 14 year old Beam Central Vacuum System.

    It works like new with the new hose kit.

    Geoff Blackwell  12.08.20
  • Terry Corin
    Alastair Carter, BOP Beam Dealer

    Alastair Carter BOP Dealer 0800 35 77 07

    I have several Beam Systems from Alastair, the service is fantastic and the Beam Systems "really suck"!!!

    Don't hesitate to call Alastair!

    A great company to deal with, can't fault them....
    Terry Corin
  • Mr & Mrs D. Little

    Phone 0800 10 25 26

    We are both really thrilled with our Beam Ducted Vacuum System.

    We now vacuum upstairs and downstairs in less time that we used to take, to do upstairs only.

    Also, there is a minimum of effort required vacuuming stairs and multi-levels, as there is no weight-bearing.

    It is so much quieter and cleaner and we even do most of the dusting with the brush attachment.

    We feel that it was money well spent and would recommend it to anyone.
    Mr & Mrs D. Little
  • C. Campbell
    Jeff & Denwin, Auckland (022)132 4800

    "Very fast response to initial website enquiry with home visit to determine layout of the system, and actual installation, within a matter of days.

    Love my new Beam vacuum’s amazing.

    I thought that my regular vacuum worked well but this is so much better.

    Thanks Jeff and Den. Installation was quick and I had my new Beam vacuum cleaner system within a couple of hours.

    Jeff and Den gave a full rundown on the system and a demonstration before leaving.

    Post installation support has been great with any questions answered promptly.

    Would recommend (and have) to anyone wanting an internal vac installed."
    C. Campbell
  • Maurice & Ruth Kemsley

    Rob Mason Electrical, New Plymouth (027) 603 9984

    We are about to move into our third home in which we have had a Beam Inbuilt Vacuum System bought from and installed by Rob Mason Electrical and Security.

    As it is our third system my wife and I feel highly qualified to comment on the system.

    Whilst there are several brands of inbuilt vacuum systems to choose from, we can not go past the Beam brand, for its robust construction, reliability and unique self-cleaning filter system.

    Two of our houses have been of two levels and the particular advantage of the inbuilt vacuum system has saved my wife lugging a vacuum cleaner up and downstairs, especially when the electrical cord is never long enough.

    We can not speak highly enough of not only Beam Vacuum System but the whole package of electrical and security from Rob Mason, and have no hesitation in recommending the business.
    Maurice & Ruth Kemsley
  • Mr & Mrs D Sparrow

    Rob Mason Electrical, New Plymouth (027) 603 9984

    After using a Beam Vacuum Cleaner we wouldn't have anything else.

    It is easy to use and has a powerful suction.

    It doesn't damage skirting boards or doors by dragging around like the ordinary vacuum cleaners.
    Mr & Mrs D Sparrow
  • Daniel

    Jeff and Denwin, Auckland (022)132 4800

    " We highly recommend using Beam for your central vacuum system needs.

    We have been in very close cooperation during the past few years, the finished quality of central vacuum system was excellent and they continued to communicate with us throughout the whole process.

    It has been a pleasure dealing with Beam and we would highly recommend Beam to anyone.

    We have been impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail of the people from Beam. "


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