Beam Features and Benefits which will impress, every time you vacuum

Features and Benefits that you will love when you own a Beam System

Beam Central Vacuum Systems have many features and benefits that will make your life easier and more comfortable.

  • Up to 5 times more powerful than portable vacuum cleaners
  • Safer and convenient to use, especially when cleaning stairs
  • Improve internal air quality, great for asthma, allergies and hay-fever and are endorsed by the Asthma Foundation of NZ
  • Alliance Central Vacuum Systems have a 10 year Warranty.

1. Breathing fresh pure air is an absolute priority in your beautiful new home.

Recent trends see New Zealand homes being built to achieve air tightness. While this does improve the energy-efficiency of homes, it also means less air circulation and a decline in air quality. The quality of the air inside the home can be worse than people think.

Make sure you open a window before you start cleaning!

The heavy-duty motors and fans in our Cleaning Systems shift a lot of air.

  • the complete removal of the air and dirt being vacuumed from the room encourages fresh air to be drawn into and re-circulated, thus improving the air quality in the room.
  • this is a design feature which sets Central Cleaning Systems apart from other forms of cleaners.

The Beam Alliance series was evaluated by the NZ Asthma Foundation over a six month period and is now the only Central Vacuum System recommended to help asthma, hay-fever and allergy sufferers.


2. The convenience and ease of a System to clean your home.

  • You vacuum just with a lightweight hose which follows behind you
    no pulling around a heavy cleaner and marking the corners and walls of your new home.
  • hose covers can be purchased for extra protection.

3. Feel much safer when you clean stairs.

  • The hose trails up behind you when you are cleaning the stairs.
    no carrying a cleaner and vacuuming the stairs with the other hand.
  • eliminates the risk of over-balancing, making it safer and easier.

4. Up to 5 times more powerful Suction, large capacity dirt collection, no bags, On-Guard bucket, Alliance 10 year Warranty.

Power Unit in garage, large heavy duty Motor and Fan, no drop in suction as the bucket fills, 15-20 litre capacity, only have to empty 3 or 4 times a year. No bags required.

The suction power of vacuum cleaners is rated in Airwatts.
  • An Airwatt is a measurement unit of the effectiveness of Vacuum Cleaners.  This refers to airflow and the amount of suction power a vacuum cleaner produces
  • Below is a comparison of types of vacuum cleaners available, the motors and Airwatts generated.
  • A stick, vacuum cleaner                           120-185 airwatts
  • A pull around, vacuum cleaner              100-280 airwatts
  • A Beam Central Vacuum System           600-700 airwatts 

Because the Power Unit of the Central Vacuum System is a static unit, usually installed in the garage, the motor and fan can be considerably larger.   

  • Weight is not a problem, as it is in portable cleaners.  
  • A System will have greater Airwatts and thus more suction power, than any of the other types, of vacuum cleaners available. 
  • Vacuum cleaners rated with similar airwatts, will have similar suction power.


The photo is a beautiful Beam Alliance SB625 installed in a garage.  Plug the Hose into the Inlet on the machine to vacuum your car or boat.

On-Guard Bucket

The On-Guard™ dirt receptacle is infused with the anti-microbial agent AlphaSan® preventing bacteria growth on the bucket.

The average household in New Zealand only empty's the bucket 3 times a year.  Often the waste is emptied directly into the garden compost heap.

Alliance Systems have a 10 year warranty


5. Very little noise when you clean, on/off and speed control on handle of hose

The power unit being in the garage means that there is very little noise in the house while you are vacuuming. There is a sucking noise at the cleaning head on the floor.

  • You won't disturb people who are sleeping.
    You turn the system on and off from a switch on the handle of the hose.
  • If the phone rings you can turn it off, with your thumb
  • You can also control the amount of suction that you require.
  • Really good when you want less suction when you're vacuuming a rug or, dusting around a delicate object.


How quiet is a BEAM Central Vacuum System?   Listen to this…

  • A BEAM Central Vacuum System is quieter than most household noises that you are used to hearing every day.
  • This means that you can easily vacuum your home while other activities are taking place in the room without disturbing anyone.
  • You won’t miss that important call when the phone rings.
  • You can even talk on the phone while you are vacuuming!
Sound levels diagram

6. Easy storage of Hose and Attachments

The hoses are easy to use. They store on a special hanger, when you need them, you lift in a loop. Photo shows a cupboard in the laundry.

Vacuuming with a long hose is a different way to clean however,

  • you'll soon get into the right vacuuming rhythm
  • you'll find that it takes far less energy to get the job done and
  • you'll know you are truly getting rid of the dust.

Dusting is done with a multi-purpose 3 way brush

  • the dust goes directly into the system and is truly removed, you don't flick the dust around like you do with a feather duster
  • cleaning ceiling fans is a breeze as you can brush the blades directly and the hose follows you up.
  • the brush is also for upholstery. You'll be amazed at the dirt that the extra power of the systems pulls out of furniture.
  • Furniture should be vacuumed on a regular basis

7. Fantastic for cleaning the Car or Boat

The Power Unit is usually in the garage. Plug your hose into the Inlet on the machine and vacuum your car.

  • you don't have to struggle lifting a cleaner into the car, because you have a long hose behind you with plenty of reach.
  • position an inlet in your garage, so you can vacuum the sand out of your boat with the long hose.

8. Vacpan (an automatic dustpan) in the Kitchen

Your Beam central vacuum system can be directly connected to a Vacpan (an automatic dustpan) in the kitchen.

WallyFlex an auxilary stretch Hose

  • The easy way to spot clean, a great addition to your Beam Central Vacuum System.
  • The permanently-fixed utility module has a compact hose that stretches out to 4 metres long.
  • This enables you to quickly and easily clean up dry spills on benchtops, floors or even things like the dryer lint filter.
  • The WallyFlex Auxilary Hose is an ideal fit for laundries, sculleries, garages and workshops. It is typically installed on a wall, but can also be fitted inside cupboards and joinery.

A WallyFlex installed in a scullery. 

  • fantastic for sucking up the dry spills
  • keeping the shelves and draws free of dust or
  • removing the crumbs after you've swept the floor.

9. When you are building your new home, 'plan for the future'

If you like the idea of a Beam System but can't afford a full system initially, 'plan for the future' by installing the ducting only, at the framing stage of construction.

  • this leaves you the option of commissioning the system when the priority is right or when the new carpet goes down.
  • getting the ducting installed is normally about 1/3 of the total price of a full system.

A lot of new homes are having ducting installed as an extra feature, this is very popular with the growing numbers of health conscious buyers, who are concerned about indoor air quality.

The window of opportunity to get the ducting installed is a relatively short period during the total time of the construction.  Don't miss this opportunity!


10. Have Confidence when buying from Beam New Zealand Ltd

We have a network of agents throughout New Zealand.

  • Our installers are some of the most experienced in the industry.
  • We have been selling and supporting our product for the last 30 years.
  • Have confidence in Beam New Zealand Ltd.
Our history is our strength

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