An automatic dustpan for your kitchen. Don't forget to ask your Beam Dealer

Automatic Dustpan (Vacpan, Sweepovac)

Vacpan, an automatic dustpan, is an accessory for your Beam Central Vacuum System

  • The Vacpan is a unique dustpan usually installed in kitchens in the toe space under a bench or within a walk-in pantry. The dustpan is connected to the Beam System by a branch of ducting, coming off the main ducting line.
  • The main feature of the Vacpan is to facilitate easy cleaning, giving ultimate convenience to the homeowner, when sweeping the floor of the kitchen. The homeowner uses a regular broom to sweep any dust and debris on the floor and into the Vacpan.
  • They then hit the switch on the Vacpan with the toe of their shoe, to turn on the Central Vacuum System.  Like magic, the debris vanishes out of sight instantly and is transported to the waste container of the Systems Power Unit, in the garage.
  • The Vacpan eliminates the need for homeowners to use a brush and shovel or squat down at floor level to remove the rubbish — making it a very popular option.

A Sweepovac is an automatic dustpan, when you don't have a Central Vacuum System

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  • If you like the idea of the Vacpan but have not got a Central Cleaning System in your home, you will be interested in this excellent product.
  • Installed in the toe space under your kitchen bench, this is a totally independent appliance which is easy to install in most cases.
  • Often it can be run off the same power point under your bench, which services your food Insinkerator.
  • This unit has a reusable dirt collection bag as well as disposable bags.
  • It comes with a long hose, which is plugged into the unit.  This can be used for removing the dust and crumbs from shelves, the bench top and drawers.
  • The hose can stretch out to 4-5 metres and has three attachments. 

Sweepovac for your Recreational Vehicle, your Motor Home, your Caravan or Tiny Home.

The Sweepovac doubles as a built-in Vacuum Cleaner for the Allisee RV, manufactured by Auto Leisure and Marine Group in Hamilton.

The hard floor area can be quickly swept clean.  The unit has a hose which extends out to 5 metres.  A wand and cleaning foot attaches to the hose, this enables the carpet in the vehicle to be easily vacuumed clean.  

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