Batteries or Mains Power to operate a vacuum cleaner?

Battery Power v. Mains Power to operate a Vacuum Cleaner

There are three main options available when making the decision to purchase a new vacuum cleaner.

  1.  A Stick Vacuum, handheld, operated by a rechargeable battery system
  2. A conventional pull-around vacuum cleaner, operated with a power cord from the mains power
  3. A Central Vacuum System, without a power cord, with a long hose, operated from the mains power


A Stick Vacuum Cleaner.

  • Battery life with spinning head, on full/boost power, about 6-15 minutes
  • Battery life, low power, 30 to 60 minutes
  • Battery takes 3-4.5 hours to re-charge
  • Handheld, 2 to 3 kgs
  • No Power cords to worry about
  • Good for quick clean-ups
  • Large houses may need cleaning in stages
  • Good for surface sweeping
  • NZ 2 year Warranties


Conventional pull-around Vacuum Cleaners

  • Operated from mains power with long power cord
  • Use as long as required, no batteries
  • Use spinning head for as long as required
  • Care must be taken not to knock corners and furniture
  • Can be heavy for older people
  • Less safe and more difficult to clean stairs
  • Extra cost for those that require Bags



Beam Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems

  • Clean full power with spinning head if required, for as long as required
  • Vacuum only with Wand, followed by a light-weight hose (total about 3kgs)
  • Very powerful, good for deep cleaning carpet, cover large areas quickly
  • Noise and power unit in garage, an option of Hepa filters
  • Up to 10 year Warranties, a chattel which is built into home

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