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Beam for Architects and Designers

Resources for Beam Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems & Parts can be viewed by Architects and Designers on the following website.

Beam Dealers offer a Design Service to Architects and Designers.

The personal design service is offered by Beam dealers to simplify the selection and installation of Beam Built-in Vacuum Systems. The service involves the placement of the ducting, plug in points and machines, usually in consultation with the designer, builder and homeowner.

Architects, Designers or Homeowners can email their house plans to the Beam Dealers who will calculate how many plug in points will be required for the home and locate them clearly on the plan, showing where the pipe work will run and where the vacuum machine will be placed. Where a design is requested for an existing home without a plan, the dealer will do a site visit in order to determine placement of the different system components.

DuctDucting plan, Beam Central Cleaning System

A diagram of a Ducting System shown on a floor plan.
Note, the positions of Wall Hose Inlets, Vacpan and Power Unit marked on plan.

The detailed plan also indicates which vacuum system options would work best for the requirements of the home, and is accompanied by a quote for the final cost of the system.

"I've been doing it for many years," explains Christchurch Beam Dealer, Craig Booth. "When I started out it was in a basic word format. I found it really beneficial." As technologies have changed, Craig has continued offering the service in order to assist homeowners and designers. "It adds another level of service. That's my aim behind it," he says.

A key advantage of the service is that it enables architects to focus on other elements of the building design, while the Beam Dealer uses their expertise to ensure best placement of the built-in vacuum system.

"From the architect's perspective it's one less job they have to do," explains Craig. "They appreciate it because it links to their main plans and shows the full system there.This is also good for the builder and other tradespeople."

Craig also finds that the service is useful for homeowners: "It clearly shows them where things can go and how it works. We show them how to see it at ground level."

Beam for Architects and Designers

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