Design Service for Builders and Developers to assist in Beam installation.

Beam for Builders, Architects and Developers.

Beam for Builders, Architects and Developers

Beam Dealers work closely with their local Builders, Architects and Developers. 

Our Dealers greatly value the relationships they form with them.  This relationship is extremely important as our Installers have to work closely with them and the LBP’s who are in charge of the build, when we are commissioned to install a System in one of their new homes.

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Looking forward to the 'Post Covid-19' normal work environment and the 'healthy home concept' 

The uncertainty of the current situation is very frightening for all of us.  We must all have faith in the authorities and do what we are told, while we are sitting it out.

Beam New Zealand strongly believe that as a result of the current circumstances, there will be a quantum shift in our priorities and Kiwi's will move strongly towards the 'healthy home concept' when they are planning their new homes.

As we reflect on our lives, looking after our planet and making sure that we are living in a safe environment, will become ideas, that are much more important for all of us.

To avoid client disappointment, it is important that builders and architects ask their clients if they want to install a Cleaning System in the homes they are building.  Most people are looking for advice from the experts on this matter, as they have had no previous experience in this field.

Beam Central Vacuum Systems do assist in the recirculation of fresh air into homes and by design, they definitely can help make homes cleaner and healthier places to live in, especially for people who suffer from Asthma, Hay fever and Allergies.

The option of installing a Cleaning System,  as a necessary chattel, will become much more popular. 

People will be surprised at the relatively small cost to do this in new and existing homes. 

Architects and Designers will need to keep this in mind when producing their new plans.


Beam Dealers offer a Design Service. 

The personal design service is offered by Beam dealers to simplify the selection and installation of Beam Built-in Vacuum Systems. The service involves the placement of the ducting, plug in points and machines, usually in consultation with the designer, builder and homeowner.

Builders, Designers or Homeowners can email their house plans to the Beam Dealers who will calculate how many plug in points will be required for the home and locate them clearly on the plan, showing where the pipe work will run and where the vacuum machine will be placed. Where a design is requested for an existing home without a plan, the dealer will do a site visit in order to determine placement of the different system components.

DuctDucting plan, Beam Central Cleaning System

A diagram of a Ducting System shown on a floor plan.  Note, the positions of Wall Hose Inlets, Vacpan and Power Unit marked on plan.

The detailed plan also indicates which vacuum system options would work best for the requirements of the home, and is accompanied by a quote for the final cost of the system.

"I've been doing it for many years," explains Christchurch Beam Dealer, Craig Booth. "When I started out it was in a basic word format. I found it really beneficial." As technologies have changed, Craig has continued offering the service in order to assist homeowners and designers. "It adds another level of service. That's my aim behind it," he says.

A key advantage of the service is that it enables architects to focus on other elements of the building design, while the Beam Dealer uses their expertise to ensure best placement of the built-in vacuum system.

"From the architect's perspective it's one less job they have to do," explains Craig. "They appreciate it because it links to their main plans and shows the full system there.This is also good for the builder and other tradespeople."

Craig also finds that the service is useful for homeowners: "It clearly shows them where things can go and how it works. We show them how to see it at ground level."


Builders Show Home Programme

Beam New Zealand Ltd, encourage our Dealers to support their local Builders by asking them if they would like a Beam Central Cleaning System in their new Show Homes.

The cost to the Builders is at a greatly reduced rate, as the Systems are also subsidized by Beam New Zealand.

Our Dealers negotiate separately with the Building Company.  

Beam Cleaning Systems will compliment and give a ‘point of difference’ to any new Show Home, giving the property, a wonderful chattel and feature, which prospective buyers will be attracted to.

Quality homes need quality fittings and features.  A  Beam Cleaning System is a quality chattel which will be regularly used by the new homeowner.  The System will deep clean the carpets and ensure that dust and dirt is truly removed from the living environment of the home.

The exhaust of the Power Unit can even be directly vented outside if required. 

Removing this exhaust completely from the home is a wonderful feature, which will benefit any family members who suffer from asthma, hay fever or allergies.   

Our Dealers will teach Sales Staff, all about the Systems installed. 

Kiwi's now are extremely interested in ‘good health ideas’.   

The health benefits associated with Beam Cleaning Systems will be a powerful selling point, for Sales staff, while they are demonstrating the Show Home and when they are discussing our System.

Builders can either include the costs of a Beam System in their quotes or our Dealers are happy to liaise separately with potential clients, keeping our costs away from the final Builders quote.

Beam for Builders, Architects and Developers

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Current Show Homes in New Zealand which have Beam Systems

Our Dealers will encourage their potential clients to visit Builders Show Homes which have our Systems installed.


Davies Homes  Office: 3/47 Wilson Street, Leamington

Office:  Open hours  Mon.-Fri. 8.30-4.00pm Ph (07)870.5126

Beautiful new Home.


Sentinel Homes  43 St Kilda Road, St Kilda

About to be opened.  Phone (07)855.6106

New Show Home about to be opened on St Kilda Road


David Reid Homes   930b River Road  Queenwood

Phone 0800 000 007   Open hours  Fri. - Sun.  12.00 - 4.00pm

The Show Home in Queenwood.


Urban Homes  1 Dulverton Rise, Flagstaff (cnr Dulverton and River Rd)

Open hours  Wed.-Sun. 12.00 - 1.30pm  Phone (07)839.5570

Lovely open living areas in Show Home.

New Plymouth. 

Jennian Homes,   73 Links Drive, Waiwhakaiho

Lovely new Jennian Show Home in Waiwhakaiho.


Brant Homes,  Ph 0800 856 486 or (027)330.7001

Show Home:  11 Hinau Road, Karaka

Brant Homes, Show Home, 11 Hinau Road, Karaka


Norx Homes   Ph (09)274.8998

Show Home:  16 Brumbie Way, Karaka

Auckland, Norx Homes Ph (09)274.8998


Finesse Residential  Ph (09)534.2754 

Show Home:  44 Capriana Drive, Karaka

Auckland, Finesse Residential, Karaka Ph (09)534.2754


Stonewood Homes Phone (07)571 0152 

Show Home:  5 Ridge Drive, Harbour Ridge, Omokoroa

PH 0800 10 25 26