Become a Beam Dealer in New Zealand. Small business opportunity.

Become a Beam Central Vacuum System Dealer in New Zealand

There are Business Opportunities, to become Beam Agent/Dealers available in a number of Towns and Cities in New Zealand. 

  • Potential for an enthusiastic operator to build a business, while maintaining an attractive lifestyle.
  • Must have a stable and solid financial background. 

Beam Waikato's Show Room and Workshop in Hamilton. 

This opportunity is ideally suited for entrepreneurs

  • who are handy with the tools of the building trade,
  • who have a confident personality and
  • who are capable of becoming, or already are, successful salespeople. 

Video about Beam New Zealand with our partner Ulrafast fibre.

 We envisage that initially any new agent would install the product themselves, or employ people who could be suitable installers. 

The main market for our product, are new homes however they can be installed in existing homes and when renovation projects are being completed. 

  • Our Systems truly deep clean people’s homes and remove the dirt and dust, which continuously gathers in them.
  • They are not ‘toys’.  They are serious Vacuum Cleaners.
  • As well as cleaning, they improve the indoor air quality, in the living areas, of the home.
  • Beam Central Vacuum Systems help those who suffer from Asthma, Hay-fever and other Allergies.
  • Beam Central Vacuum Alliance Systems, have been thoroughly tested and analysed by the Asthma Foundation of Australia and New Zealand. 

For further information on our product, go to 

Managing Director, Beam New Zealand Ltd



PH 0800 10 25 26