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Increase your business and workplace efficiency with a built-in BEAM Commercial Central Vacuum System. 

Clean up the indoor environment.  Breathe cleaner, healthier air for a healthier environment.

Quiet Operation.
With the Power Unit located in a different area, cleaning can be carried out while you continue to operate your business without any noise disruption.
Cleaner, fresher indoor air.
A Central Vacuum System removes all contacted dirt, dust, and allergens from the room and does not recirculate them into the air of the room being cleaned, like a portable vacuum cleaner. Fantastic for your workers who suffer from asthma or allergies.
Safer Workplace.
There is not a heavy portable or upright vacuum cleaner, to drag around or carry upstairs. Cleaning is carried out with a light-weight hose, thus there is less strain on your maintenance staff, making the workplace safer.

How can a BEAM Commercial Central Vacuum System benefit your business?

Photographs of Beam Commercial Systems we have installed in New Zealand.


  1.  Power Units of choice for Commercial Systems should be fitted with the By-pass Motors.
  2.  Separate individual warranties are negotiated for Commercial Systems.
  3.  Service Contracts should be negotiated for each System installed, to ensure that they continue to operate at their maximum potential and that problems don't interrupt the necessary commercial use, of the System.
Four  Beam 3500 Power Units set-up in a Church complex in the Hawkes Bay 

Church installation in the Hawkes Bay. Four beam 3500 Power Units carefully set-up in utility room.

Beam 3500 Power Unit showing twin By-pass motors.

Beam SC335 Power Units installed in a National Rental Car Base in the South Island.


A SC335 Power Unit being monitored. Note sign that warns, that the Power Unit should not be used with water.

Two Beam Power Units installed in the 1990's in a Rest Home Complex in the Hawkes Bay.

Rest Home Havelock North

Photo of two Beam Power Units in a Rest Home in Hastings. Very powerful machines, they have been there many years.

SC398 Power Unit. By-pass motor, for larger Commercial situation.

Case study, Garden Centre in the Hawkes Bay.

The owner of a Garden Centre in Havelock North was concerned about the constant dust in the product display area. The doors were constantly opening and shutting due to the large number of customers coming into the premises during working hours, making it a difficult area to keep clean. 

Wanting to keep the environment in this important area fresh and clean, he looked into central cleaning systems. He was attracted to the idea that central cleaning systems totally remove the dust and dirt away from the areas being cleaned. He was also interested in how central cleaning systems extract large amounts of polluted air, encouraging fresh air to be drawn into the area being cleaned. He approached BEAM to see if they could provide a solution.  

The retail floor of the Garden Centre.

BEAM installers studied the areas that needed to be cleaned and positioned five hose inlet cleaning points, in suitable positions, so that the total floor area and the office was adequately covered when cleaning with a 12m hose. They then ducted from these positions to the system's power unit, which was located in a weatherproof area outside. This ensured that the operating noise of the system was kept away from the display area. 

The Beam ducting hidden on top of a lighting shelf.

A junction in the ducting picking up a dropper.

Ducting above high lighting shelf, above the double doors.

A hose inlet valve.

Close-up of hose inlet valve.

Hose inlet valve position.

Hose inlet valve position.

Installation was relatively simple and inexpensive. The ducting was discreetly installed, largely out of sight. The power unit used was an AEG Model with a 31L waste collection bucket.

AEG Power Unit with 31 litre bucket.

The final result is a system that keeps the Garden Centre Showroom clean, without detracting from the wonderful ambiance of the display area.

Pool Hall in Hamilton

Beam Waikato initially installed a Commercial Beam System in a newly established Pool Hall in the mid-1990s. 

The brief at the time was to provide a System which would adequately vacuum clean the main floor of the club, the behind the Bar area and the Office's contained in the attic area at the back of the building.

Hose wall Inlet points were positioned around the wall perimeter of the club room.  These were positioned so that a 12 metre Hose could adequately cover the entire floor area required.  Sufficient overlap was required, as the hose had to stretch comfortably between the individual Pool tables on the floor.

The ducting from the Inlet positions was connected to a main ducting line which went to the Systems Power Unit, which was installed in a utility room, at the back of the Hall in the Attic area. 

The main playing floor of the Club.

Hose Inlet under Trophy Cabinet in main Hall.

Hose wall Inlet, between two tables.

Hose wall Inlet.

Close-up of Hose Inlet Valve

Hose Inlet at floor level on centre pillar.

Cleaning is done with 12 metre Hose. The hose is plugged into wall Inlet.

1990's Beam 297 Power Unit. See dirt collection bucket at the base of the machine.

Increase your business and workplace efficiency with a built-in BEAM Commercial Central Vacuum System


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