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Counties Dealer

Quinten Puffy(022)010 6007 is our Beam Counties Dealer.

Counties Beam Dealer, Quinten Puffy

Quinten has been working with Beam New Zealand now for about 5 years.

He is very experienced in our industry having learnt his trade working in South Africa before emigrating to New Zealand.

You'll get special treatment when working with Quinten.  His attention to detail is legendary.  Beam New Zealand has full confidence in the work he is doing.  He is happy to answer any questions you may have.

He can:

  •  provide you with a competitive quote from your plans
  •  advise you about the type and size of Power Unit, which suits your budget and your home
  •  advise you about the suitable hose and attachments set, which will meet your needs,
  •  advise you on positions of the hose wall inlet valves, which will best suit you, when you are cleaning your home,
  •  advise you on the position of the Power Unit and the exhaust venting options
  • if you are building, the need to organise the ducting at the framing stage
  • co-ordinate with your LBP who is in charge of your build
  • complete installation of your System.


What customers are saying about them!

  • Quinten, Beam Central Auckland (022) 010 6007

    Good evening Jo,

    I wanted to send some feedback on Quinten Puffy who attended today to service our BEAM vacuum.

      Quinten delivered an excellent service representing your company very well. He was friendly and was skilful in fixing some issues with an old hose. Our vacuum is running super well as if it’s brand new again. Please pass on our appreciation to him and if that’s his normal then he deserves to be recognised.

    Cheers Donny  15.06.20

  • Stuart Harrison
    Your company installed our central vacuum system about 11 years ago when our house was being built. We would like to pass on how well it has worked. It has been totally reliable and worked very efficiently. The dust collector is also very easy to empty as required. Thank you for a job well done by a local company.  
    Stuart Harrison
  • Judy, Auckland (022)498 2211

    Hello Joanne & Judy,

    Thank you for coordinating the ducting installation last week.

    Quinten did a superb job installing the ducting system, even the electrician commented on the fine workmanship!

    Regards,  Stephen  15.06.20

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