Counties Beam Dealer - Beam Central Vacuum Systems

Counties Dealer

Christine and Paul Massey (021)617 464 are our Beam Counties Dealers.

Chris and Paul have been working with Beam New Zealand now for 25 years.

They are one of our most experienced 'Dealer Teams'. Chris is involved with Sales and Paul is the Installer.

You'll get special treatment when you initially work with Christine.  She will listen closely to exactly what you want.  She will recommend to you the System that meets your particular needs and which suits your home.

A lovely photo of Christine in her garden at home. This lady will really look after you!

Attention to detail is very important to Chris because there are so many options, she is determined that she must get it right for you.

  •  providing you with a competitive quote from your plans 
  •  type and size of Power Unit, which suits your budget and your home
  •  suitable hose and attachments set, which will meet your needs,
  •  the positions of the hose wall inlet valves, which will best suit you, when you are cleaning your home,
  •  the position of the Power Unit and the exhaust venting options
  • if you are building, the need to organise the ducting at the framing stage
  • co-ordinating with your LBP who is in charge of your build
  • co-ordinating with Paul, who will install your System.

It may sound complicated, but it's not really.  You will be dealing with a very experience lady here, she will take all the stress out of this task, she will make it easy for you. 

  • You will be able to concentrate on all the other tasks that are required with your build.
  • Christine is very well known in her area by the local builders and building Companies.  Her scones are legendary with the local tradespeople.  You may even get to try some, if you are lucky!
  • Leave it up to Christine, you can have full confidence in her, Beam New Zealand certainly do.  We have been doing so for the last 25 years.


What customers are saying about them!

  • Stuart Harrison
    Christine Massey our Beam Counties Dealer Chris, Counties (021)617 464

    Your company installed our central vacuum system about 11 years ago when our house was being built.

    We would like to pass on how well it has worked.

    It has been totally reliable and worked very efficiently.

    The dust collector is also very easy to empty as required.

     Thank you for a job well done by a local company.  
    Stuart Harrison
PH 0800 10 25 26