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Alastair Carter, Beam Bay of Plenty.

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  • Murray Fulcher
    I wish to advise you of a very pleasant experience we have enjoyed from your BOP Dealer, Alastair Carter.  We have a large contemporary two storied home in Tauranga which was built seven years ago by Signature Homes.  Our home has been regularly featured on TV in Signature Homes advertisements over that time and we are very proud of it.  Unfortunately about six months ago we lost the suction in our Beam plumbing system.  I contacted the local dealer, Alastair Carter to ask for assistance.  I was aware that the system was out of warranty with the building company and that it had been sold to us and installed by the previous Beam Dealer.  From that day Alastair has taken full responsibility for the failure of the system and has worked tirelessly to remedy our problem.  His dedication to the Beam brand and protection of the reputation of the product has been nothing short of awesome.  Alastair has visited our home approximately ten times over the last three months, sometimes for four hours or more, pursuing numerous ideas and options to locate the leak in our system.  This has proven to be an impossible task with no ceiling or floor cavity.  Finally last Friday we found the cause of the suction loss - a failed fitting which was never glued and was assembled 'spring loaded' by the previous installer.  Alastair has insisted on no payment for his efforts, however, we will be presenting him with a modest Christmas gift for his family.  My wife Ann and I want to acknowledge that this guy has delivered exceptional service on behalf of your company with complete disregard to the personal cost to himself.  He is a credit to your organization.      
    Murray Fulcher