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Blenheim / Marlborough Dealer

Callahan and Martella Electrical are our Beam Dealers for the Blenheim / Marlborough Region.

For all enquiries:   Phone Office (03)579 4445



Callahan & Martella Electrical has just entered its 19th year in business having been established, December 2001. 

  • Neil Callahan & Ian Martella set the business up and now employ another 10 fully qualified Electricians, 3 appliance electrician, 5 apprentice and 3 office staff.  With having 14 vehicles on the road we are able to get anywhere quickly.
  • At Callahan & Martella Electrical Ltd our business image is extremely important.  The staff are all qualified or are involved with ongoing training, so we are up to date with the latest technology and information available.
  • Our policy is to give the best possible service and we go out of our way to do so.   “Our aim is to be on time every time”.  We want a reputation for being punctual and giving the best possible service.
  • Callahan & Martella also provide an additional ECANZ Workmanship Guarantee.
  • Blenheim is a small town and word of mouth is very important.  We want to be an electrical company that stands out above the rest.

The Beam Stand at the Marlborough Home Show July 2019.

Beam Built-in Cleaning Systems is an area where we can help you. 

  • Maintained correctly, a Beam Cleaning System is a chattel which will last the lifetime of your home. 
  • You will never have to buy another cleaner for your home, you will have the most powerful cleaner, forever.
  • Beam Systems have the suction and airflow to truly deep clean your carpets. 
  • With consistent and regular use, your home will soon reach a level of extreme cleanliness. 
  • Beam Systems are an uncompromising vacuum cleaner.
  • They are convenient and safe to use, especially on stairs and will improve the quality and freshen the air in your new home. 
  • The annoying noise and smells associated with vacuuming will disappear.

We are thrilled to be associated with Beam, don't forget to ask us about them when you build.  The ducting for your System should be installed at the framing stage of your new build.

The Offices of Callahan & Matella Electricians, 3 Freswick Street, Blenheim.

Recent Projects


Photographs of Beam Floating Filter (click to enlarge)

What customers are saying about Beam Systems!

  • Mr & Mrs D. Little

    Phone 0800 10 25 26

    We are both really thrilled with our Beam Ducted Vacuum System.

    We now vacuum upstairs and downstairs in less time that we used to take, to do upstairs only.

    Also, there is a minimum of effort required vacuuming stairs and multi-levels, as there is no weight-bearing.

    It is so much quieter and cleaner and we even do most of the dusting with the brush attachment.

    We feel that it was money well spent and would recommend it to anyone.
    Mr & Mrs D. Little
PH 0800 10 25 26