Beam Dealer Christchurch - Craig. Have confidence in his installations.

Christchurch Dealer

Beam Christchurch is managed by Craig Booth (027)418 8722

If you are thinking Central Cleaning for your home, speak with our experts in Christchurch. 

  • Craig has been part of our Beam Dealership for many years, he and his installer are very experienced in all aspects regarding the installation of residential Beam Central Cleaning Systems.
  • Craig also has experience in the Commercial side of built-in Systems and would love to give you his advice if you have a situation in mind.
  • Beam New Zealand have great confidence in the work Craig is doing and would definitely recommend him.  You will enjoy his enthusiasm and working with him.
  • Craig loves the challenge of installing into existing homes and he encourages people  to ask him, whether it is possible to get a System into their existing home.  In some cases, it is a simple matter to do so.

Beam Stand Christchurch Home Show Oct. 2019
Craig represented Beam Central Vacuum Systems with a terrific Stand at the Oct 2019 Chch. Home Show.

Interesting photograph's of the life of a Beam Dealer in Christchurch. 

What customers are saying about them!

  • Jeremy and Carmel Gunn
    Craig Booth, Beam Christchurch/Canterbury Dealer Craig Booth

    Christchurch (027)418 8722

    Just a thanks to Craig and his off-sider who installed a replacement CVS in our house yesterday.

    Craig arrived exactly when he said he would and did a great job of installing the new machine.

    We are really happy with the new unit and the service that they provided.

    Jeremy and Carmel Gunn
PH 0800 10 25 26