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Peak Maintenance based in Havelock North are our Beam Hawkes Bay and Gisborne Dealers.

Mike Jenkins (021)230 0674



Beam Hawkes Bay 2018-07-26 001

A nice photo of the Hawkes Bay Beam Team at the CMS Road Show Stand 26.07.18  We were all pleased with the response from the local Trades people and the interest they showed in our Beam Systems.

  • Beam Hawkes Bay and Beam Gisborne are a division of Peak Maintenace Hawkes Bay Ltd.
  • Mike Jenkins, Managers the Beam Cleaning Systems part of this business.  He is responsible for managing your entire needs from start to finish, organising your specific requirements; be it a small repair job to a large project – on time, on budget, 100% satisfaction every time.
  • Wherever possible all our jobs are completed on a fixed price basis – you know exactly what you are up for, no surprises.
  • First and foremost, our Company prides itself on our quality of service and attention to detail, this comes before anything else.
  • We stand by our workmanship.  Mike is happy to answer any of your questions and help you design a Vacuum Cleaning System which will meet all the needs of your family and which will greatly improve the air quality in your home.

Phone him any time on (021)230.0674 

Mike's work van, looking over Napier from Te Mata Peak.
Inside the new Van, all decked out, ready to go.

Recent Projects

Here are some photos of a recent installation we have done.

The owner of a Garden Centre in Havelock North was concerned about the constant dust in the product display area.

  • The doors were constantly opening and shutting due to the large number of customers coming into the premises during working hours, making it a difficult area to keep clean.
  • Wanting to keep the environment in this important area fresh and clean, he looked into central cleaning systems. He was attracted to the idea that central cleaning systems totally remove the dust and dirt away from the areas being cleaned. He was also interested in how central cleaning systems extract large amounts of polluted air, encouraging fresh air to be drawn into the area being cleaned. He approached BEAM to see if they could provide a solution. 
  • BEAM installers studied the areas that needed to be cleaned and positioned five hose inlet cleaning points, in suitable positions, so that the total floor area and the office was adequately covered when cleaning with a 12m hose. They then ducted from these positions to the system's power unit, which was located in a weatherproof area outside. This ensured that the operating noise of the system was kept away from the display area.
  • Installation was relatively simply and inexpensive. The ducting was discreetly installed, largely out of sight. The power unit used was a Beam SC335 Power Unit.
  • The final result is a system that keeps the Garden Centre Showroom clean, without detracting from the wonderful ambiance of the display area.

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What customers are saying about them!

  • Craig Anderson
    Mike Jenkins, Beam Hawkes Bay

    Mike Jenkins, Beam Hawkes Bay (021) 230 0674

    Also Mike, thanks again for your installation.

    Your workmanship is something you should be very proud of.

      I have put bracing in for the unit and will be in touch regarding the unit once painters have finished.

      Invoice has come through, so I will pay tonight.
    Craig Anderson
PH 0800 10 25 26