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Nelson / Tasman Dealer

Bevan Keys (027)203 3469 our Beam Nelson Dealer.

Bevan's work vehicle dedicated to Beam Cleaning Systems.  Bevan standing with his son Olly.  Nice hat Bev!

The Beam Stand at the Nelson Home Show October 2018.  Bevan and Debra are busy talking to a client.


Recent Projects

Here are some photos of a recent installation we have completed. 

  • My client, the owner of the property, wanted the exhaust of the Power Unit for his new Beam System directly vented outside.
  • The easiest way to do this was by building a duct, for the exhaust, which went up through the ceiling, then across to the soffit overhang of the roof and then down through the soffit liner. 
  • A small grill would then be put over the exposed pipe outside to stop anything entering the pipe.

The first two photos show where the Power Unit will hang on the wall in the garage, with the extra timber for secure fixing. 

  • The end of the pipe, where the exhaust of the machine will be connected to, can be seen in the top corner. 
  • This is a very simple solution which doesn't involve an exterior wall penetration.
  • The third photo shows an Inlet Valve set-up in the house.

What customers are saying about them!

  • Mr & Mrs D. Little

    Phone 0800 10 25 26

    We are both really thrilled with our Beam Ducted Vacuum System.

    We now vacuum upstairs and downstairs in less time that we used to take, to do upstairs only.

    Also, there is a minimum of effort required vacuuming stairs and multi-levels, as there is no weight-bearing.

    It is so much quieter and cleaner and we even do most of the dusting with the brush attachment.

    We feel that it was money well spent and would recommend it to anyone.
    Mr & Mrs D. Little
PH 0800 10 25 26