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DIY Installers

Thinking of Installing yourself?

The majority of Beam Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems that we sell, are installed by our professional installers. 

Beam New Zealand does encourage this, as it is critically important that the Systems are installed correctly. 

Our Installers will give a Limited Lifetime Guarantee on their installations. 

With a new build, once the home is finished, much of the ducting will not be accessible and any problems that may arise may be difficult to fix. 

We do not guarantee Ducting Systems that we have not installed. 

Our installers are very conscious of the building regulations and work closely with the LBP (the Builder in charge of the job) on new builds and renovations, to make sure that all the building requirements have been met.

There are some specific tools that are required during the installation.

If you have the knowledge, skills and tools, we can supply you with the fittings and pipe required for the ducting and the Power Unit and Hose and Attachments Set, for your project.


Pipe Cutter

Wood boring bit



We would love to help!

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