Ducting fittings - Beam Central Vacuum System installation

Ducting Fittings

Beam Central Vacuum System. Ducting fittings available, to build a ducting system, will suit any brand of System. 

It is important that the ducting is installed incorporating a sweeping airflow back to the systems power unit.  Care must be taken, when using the fittings, that the sweep of the fittings are positioned correctly, with regards to the airflow. 

See diagrams with fittings airflow, in Installation Manuals.

Common components of installation kits.

Beam airflow ducting 50mm OD
Beam airflow ducting 50mm OD
Short 90 degree
90 degree sharp elbow. Warning! Use only with Inlet valve mounting bracket.
Sweep 90 degree
90 degree sweep elbow. Use only within ducting system.
45 degree elbow
45 degree elbow.

Stop Coupling, joining two lengths of pipe.
TY 90 degree branch
90 degree TY branch, most commonly used.
TY 45 degree branch
45 degree Y branch
Pipe hanger
Pipe clamp

Universal Inlet backing plate
Inlet Universal mounting bracket and cover
Metal Inlet backing plate
Wall/Stud bracket (metal) for Inlet
Inlet protection plate
Cover protection plate, for metal Inlet bracket
Low voltage wire
Low voltage wire

Pipe collar
Dress up collar for pipe
Double 45 degree elbow
45 degree double Y
45 degree elbow with extension
45 degree elbow / ext
90 degree sweep with extension
90 degree sweep elbow w/ext

Exterior surface mounting box
Inlet Mtg Box - Sfce (Exterior surface Inlet mount box)
blue tin solvent
PVC solvent glue
Vacpan, white or black (click photo to enlarge)
Flexible hose kit for Vacpan
Flexible hose kit for installing a Vacpan (click photo to enlarge)

90 degree straight T
Straight 'T' Warning! only to be used with Utility online Inlet.
Utility online Inlet, to be used with 90 degree straight 'T' (white, black)
Slip coupler
Slip coupler
Inlet valve extension
Inlet valve extension

Overlap surround for inlet valve
Overlap surround for a rectangular inlet valve
Ducting end cap
Ducting end cap
metal top plate stiffener
Pryda Framing braces. (click photo for more Information)
Beam Power Unit Exhaust Vent Cap
Beam Power Unit Exhaust Vent Cap

Floor mount adapter for Beam Central Vacuum System
Ducting floor mount adapter

HAH Inlet Valve
Series 5000 Hide-a-Hose inlet valve (click photo to enlarge)
Backing plate for Hide-a-Hose Inlet Valve
Mounting bracket for Hide-a-Hose Inlet Valve (click photo to enlarge)
Sweep fittings for Hide-a-Hose
Sweep fittings for Hide-a-Hose ducting. 90, 45 & 22.5 degrees click (photo to enlarge)
Hide-a-Hose pipe reducer
Pipe reducer to prevent hose from getting into junction (click diagram to enlarge)
Hide-a-Hose security valve
Security valve designed to release air pressure if the system is accidentally switched on. (click diagram to enlarge)

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