Often easy installation into existing homes - Buy a Beam Vacuum Systems

Existing Home Installation

Yes! We can install Beam vacuums in most existing homes.

  • As these Systems are becoming more popular in the new house market, more and more people are asking us this question.
  • Replacing an old portable cleaner with a built-in system is definitely an option which is worth your consideration, especially if you are looking for a truly powerful cleaner.
  • A Beam System can be retrofitted into most existing homes, it will deep clean your carpets and will improve the indoor air quality of your home.
  • You will love the convenience and ease of cleaning with a System.  If you have family members who suffer from hay fever, asthma or allergies or have stairs in your home, you will notice a huge difference.

The design of the System for existing homes is the same as for new homes.

  • The number of Inlet valves required is dictated by the size of the home.  You must find suitable positions for Hose Inlet valves so that you can adequately cover the total floor area of the property with a 10 metre hose.
  • If you can get under your property or into the ceiling spaces, then you can usually install the ducting required for a System.
  • The ducting for this house was installed about 30 years ago when Beam New Zealand sold clear bends. It has never been touched since the day it was installed.
  • The wire on the pipe is for the low voltage electrical control circuit.
  • Stairwells are an area where ducting can be installed to pick up second story Inlets.
  • Installing valves flush on the floor or installing the ducting inside cupboards and then out through the wall, in suitable locations, are other options.
  • Our installers are very experienced in this field and would love to check out your home to see if there is a possibility to get a System installed.

See, Central Vacuum System Installation Manual

Most of the time we can install a Beam.

  • Smaller homes often only need 1 or 2 Inlets and are sometimes remarkably easy to do.
  • The Power Units can either go in the garage, in a suitable cupboard or outside in a weather tight situation.

  • The diagram shows the floor-plan of a three bedroom house requiring two Hose wall Inlets. 
  • The Power Unit is situated in the room off the garage, this area and the car is vacuumed from the Hose Inlet on the Power Unit.

Tidy installation of SB625 Alliance Power Unit in garage. Note: the electrician needs to put a power point near where the unit is installed.

Our installers love the challenge of large existing homes!

Easy existing house installation of a Beam Central Vacuum System in Hamilton.

Tim Garnier our Waikato Beam Dealer (027)575.0718 recently installed a System in a 2-year-old home in the Greenhill Park Subdivision in Chartwell, Hamilton.
Tim's client was a lady who transferred down to Hamilton from Auckland. She had owned a Beam Cleaning System in Auckland for the last 30 years and she was determined that she wanted a System in her new house in Hamilton.
House in Greenhill Park Hamilton

House in Greenhill Park Hamilton

The installation was simple as only one Hose wall Inlet was required in a central position in the house. The house size was 162m2. A 10 metre on/off remote control hose enabled the whole house to be cleaned from this position. Fortunately, there was a large hot water/airing cupboard in the perfect location for the wall inlet valve to be installed.

The ducting went into the ceiling space and then to the garage where the Power Unit and Hose was installed.
Installation only took about 4 hours.

Tim also installed a Sweepovac Vacpan (an independent Vacpan in the kitchen)


This meant that when the kitchen and entrance area was given a quick sweep with a broom, the dirt was quickly collected.  Touch the on/off switch with your toe and swoosh, in an instant the dirt disappears.  No down on your hands and knees with a brush and shovel.

We would love to help!

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