FAQ - Beam Vacuum Systems. All your questions answered


Built-in or Central Vacuum Systems is a new concept for many people. 

  • The FAQ table below should answer all your questions.
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1Why should I install a Central Vacuum Cleaning System in my home?
We believe there are many reasons. The following are a few ideas we would like you to think about.

1. A Beam Central Cleaning System is a chattel in your home that you will constantly use. It will add value to your home and may even make your home easier to sell, when the time comes.

2. Recent trends see New Zealand homes being built to achieve air tightness. While this does improve the energy-efficiency of homes, it also means less air circulation and a decline in air quality. The quality of the air inside our homes can be worse than people think.
By design, a Cleaning System completely removes the air and dirt being vacuumed from the room being cleaned. This is an important health advantage, especially for people who suffer from respiratory problems.

3. Cleaning Systems have big fans and powerful motors, the air removed encourages fresh air to be re-circulated into the room. Make sure you open a window, before you start cleaning.

4. We are all interested in living in the healthiest environment possible. Our health is incredibly important. Beam Cleaning Systems will help to make this happen, for you and for your family.

5. A Beam System is a life time purchase, you can only go about a week before you need to vacuum your house and attack the dust build-up.
A Beam System is not a 'toy' vacuum cleaner, it will truly deep clean your carpets, making them safer for you and for your children to play on.

6. Cleaning with just a light-weight hose is easier and safer than pulling around a heavy portable cleaner. Cleaning stairs is much easier. Cleaning your upholstery will lengthen the life of your furniture.

7. You will quickly discover these facts, once you get into the new rhythm of cleaning your home.

8. You will know that you are truly removing the dirt from your home, you will never want to pull around another portable cleaner again!
2Why should I buy a Beam System, as opposed to another System?
Beam Central Cleaning Systems are the recognised No.1 Brand in the world.
Compare the features of the different brands available to confirm this statement.

1. Residential and Commercial Systems available at true value for money prices.

2. General appearance and sophistication of engineering of Power Units

3. Floating GORE-TEX fabric filter, will not block, self cleans, no expensive filter bags required.

4. Dirt collection bucket, viewing window or see through, ease of removal, bucket coated with anti-microbial agent.

5. Quietness of operation of Power Units, Suction power of Systems. Soft start and shut down of Alliance motors.

6. The only Company in New Zealand selling Power Units, (Beam Alliance System) recognised and evaluated by the Asthma Foundation to help suffers of Respiratory Diseases. These Systems qualify Beam New Zealand to be a member of the 'Sensitive Choice Programme'.

7. Beam Alliance Power Units, 10 year Warranty

8. Beam recognised Installer Technicians, some of the most experienced in NZ.

9. Beam New Zealand Ltd, has been in business in NZ for the last 31 years. You can have confidence in us because of our long history of Service to our valued customers. We are still maintaining Systems that are 30 years old.

10. Beam Dealers in NZ will regularly service your System, and are backed by a Technical Service Manager, employed by Beam New Zealand.

11. Beam Dealers offer a comprehensive Service Programme to all their customers. They are the Experts in this field and are happy to assist you, whatever the System you own, when necessary.
3What are Airwatts?
Airwatt or air watt is a measurement unit of the effectiveness of vacuum cleaners which refers to airflow and the amount of power (watts) a vacuum cleaner produces and uses.

Two vacuum cleaners of the same airwattage have essentially the same suction.

Devices of the same electrical wattage may have a difference in efficiency and thus have substantially different air wattage.
4What is Waterlift and CFM?
The water-lift measurement is not the only key to effective vacuuming. A vacuum may have amazing water-lift, but without it spinning fast and pulling in a lot of air, it will hardly move anything toward the vacuum's filter.
That is why CFM is so important as well. But they work together.

Water-lift is important to keep the air moving, especially over long distances or when the tool being used to vacuum has a small air opening such as the orifice at the end of a cleaners wand, or as in a turbine brush.
One such example is the TurboCat. The air opening is reduced to a 5/8 inch square and is located next to the turbine. The suction makes the turbine spin incredibly fast, which then engages the belt, which then engages the roller brush for grooming the carpet.

When the opening is reduced, it is the water-lift that forces the air through that hole at a greater speed.
5How much does a BEAM Central Vacuum Cleaning system cost?
A BEAM Central Vacuum System costs much less than you might expect.

The cost of Systems installed in new and existing homes depends on the size of the home, the amount of time required for installation and the model of Power Unit and Hose and Attachment Set chosen.

As a rough guide cost can start from around $1800 for a small simple System.

Ask your BEAM Dealer for a free estimate on installing a Beam system in your home.
6Where can I find my nearest BEAM dealer?
That's easy. Just check our Find a Dealer section on this web site. You'll discover an authorized BEAM Distributor quickly, easily.
8How does a BEAM Central Vacuum System work?
To create lightweight, powerful cleaning, better air quality and less noise, the BEAM Power Unit is typically located in the basement or garage.

It is connected to convenient wall hose inlets throughout the home via a ducting system. The number of Inlets required depends on the size of the house, they are positioned, so that the whole house can be vacuumed comfortably with a 10 metre light-weight hose.

The system is turned on with a switch on the hose handle, after the hose is plugged into a wall Inlet.

Vacuum cleaning is carried out, as per normal, however the air and dirt particles vacuumed up, are completely removed from the living areas and are collected in the Power Unit's dirt bucket in the garage.

The dirty exhaust air which is normally expelled into the air, when vacuuming, is completely removed from the area being cleaned. This exhaust air is expelled in the garage or can be directly vented outside.
9How does a BEAM System improve indoor air quality?
A BEAM Central Vacuum System has been clinically proven by the University of California at Davis to reduce allergy symptoms by as much as 61%.

A BEAM system is more effective at removing dirt and allergens because it has a larger, more powerful motor than a portable cleaner – up to five times more powerful.

Unlike conventional vacuum cleaners that recirculate dust, a BEAM Central Vacuum System removes 100% of contacted dirt, dust mites, pollen, dander and other allergens and carries them away from the living areas, to a waste container, usually located in the garage.

The air that is removed from the room encourages fresh air to come into the room – this helps to improve the indoor air quality.
10Is the hose easy to use?
BEAM Cleaning Sets and hoses are extremely lightweight and designed for whole-house cleaning from floor to ceiling.

Unlike short, flimsy hoses found on portable vacuums, BEAM crush proof hoses are created to withstand everyday kinks and twists.

One gets into a different rhythm when cleaning with a long hose. You'll find it much easier and safer.

There is no weight to worry about, when cleaning stairs the hose just trails up behind you, you have much better reach to get the cob webs from the ceiling corners and when cleaning ceiling fans. Dusting with the dusting brush is fantastic as you truly do remove the dust from the room.
11What is 'Hide-a-Hose'?
Hide-a-Hose is a relatively new concept in New Zealand.

In this case your Beam System can have hoses installed which retract back into the wall at the hose inlet positions.

The hose is pulled out of the wall at the inlet valve. When the vacuum cleaning has finished the operator uses the suction generated by the Systems Power Unit to retract the hose back into the wall.

See 'Hide-a-Hose' on this website.
12How many inlets do I need?
Most homes require only three or four inlets to reach every area with the hose and attachments.

Each strategically located inlet, lets you vacuum approximately 65 to 74 square metres.

The power unit features an extra built-in inlet, for easy cleaning of the area around the power unit.
13Is suction power maintained throughout the whole home?
Yes! A properly installed BEAM Central Vacuum System offers the same powerful cleaning performance at every inlet, whatever the distance from the power unit and won't lose suction over time.

Our Beam installer will test, with his suction gauge the pressure at each wall Inlet, to confirm this, when the System is commissioned.
14What cleaning attachments and tools are available?
BEAM offers a full complement of tools and attachments for virtually any cleaning need — from ceiling fan cleaners to handheld power brushes to mini-vac tools for cleaning your computer keyboards. There are even pet grooming brushes that attach to your BEAM hose.

More information on Attachments and accessories are available here, or at your local BEAM Dealer.
15Can I use my central vacuum system to clean hardwood, vinyl or ceramic tile floors?
Yes! Use the bare floor tools or install one of our most popular options: the VacPan™ automatic dustpan. It's ideal for removing debris from the kitchen, bath or patio.

Simply sweep the crumbs towards the automatic dustpan, touch the toe-switch and use the power of your Beam to instantly remove it.

No more dustpans or stooping over to pick up, swept debris.
16Air Turbo Brush.
The Air Turbo Brush is a wonderful accessory which will help keep your carpet looking beautiful and which makes the cleaning very light and easy.

Regular inspection of the tool should be made, as the circular motion of the brush picks up threads of cotton and long hair.

This can eventually inhibit the motion of the brush and needs to be carefully cut away from the brush with a fine pair of scissors.

The belt should be replaced when the brush stops spinning.

Your BEAM dealer will replace this belt, if it is ever necessary to do so.
17How do I maintain A BEAM Central Vacuum System?
BEAM systems need very little maintenance, however, to keep them running at their maximum potential, we recommend that they are serviced every two or three years.

Consumable items, not covered by the warranties, can be checked and replaced if necessary.

No lubrication is ever required. BEAM filters have an exclusive self-cleaning design from the makers of GORE-TEX® fabric, which is five times stronger than other leading filtration media.

The filter shakes off dirt and protects the motor so a BEAM system works like new everytime. Because the filter is permanent, there is never a need to replace dirty, messy bags. Just empty the dirt receptacle two to three times per year.

See 'Servicing Your Beam' on this website.
18What if I have a clogged system?
Follow these instructions for clogged system.

1. Empty the dirt receptacle.

2. Use manual switch on the side of your unit to start the unit.

3. Start at the closest wall valve to the unit and open the door to the wall valve and let a tissue be sucked from your hand. If the tissue makes it back to the dirt receptacle proceed to the next wall valve.

If at any valve the tissue fails to go through to the dirt receptacle, there might be a blockage of some degree. At this point you can use another vacuum at this wall valve and try to use back suction to unclog the blockage or contact a BEAM dealer to reverse the airflow in the ducting.

The dealer will open the wall valve closest to the blockage then reverse the airflow, from the Power Units position. This should immediately free the blockage, which will then blow back, out of the open Inlet valve.
19Can a broken valve door be replaced?
1. A broken utility on a power unit can be replaced by an authorized BEAM dealer.

2. A broken flap on a wall valve means the entire faceplate of the wall valve needs to be replaced. A standard type faceplace can be changed by a homeowner.
20Can a damaged hose be repaired?
If a hose has a bad switch or a damaged handle, an authorized BEAM dealer can usually repair the hose, (if replacement parts are still available for that model.)

However, a hose with a broken wire or a hose that is torn cannot be repaired to its optimum performance and it is best to replace the hose.
21Why won't my power unit shut off?
Make sure the unit is in the Auto mode and that there is not a hose plugged into a wall valve.
22Why won't my power unit start?
You can follow these steps if you have problems starting your unit.

1. Using the switch on the side of the unit, turn the switch to the manual position, the unit should come on immediately. If the unit does not come on, check that the unit’s power cord is plugged into an electrical outlet. Still no luck, check to make sure the breaker or fuse to the electrical outlet has not tripped. Still not working, call your local authorized BEAM dealer.

2. Sometimes the machine will not start if your hose is not correctly plugged into the wall inlet valve. Check that your hose is plugged in, the right distance and that the guide on the hose fits the correct position on the inlet valve.

3. Check that the on/off switch on the hose is working correctly.
23Tornado Wipes
There is a product you can purchase to freshen your pipes called TORNADO wipes.

These pre-moistened / scented towelettes can be sucked through your pipes from each inlet in your home and also through your automatic dustpans. The TORNADO wipes will remove minor clogs and odours.

TORNADO wipes can be purchased from your local authorized BEAM dealer.
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