Beam's floating filter won't block. Low maintenance, self cleaning.

Self Cleaning Filter

Beam Self Cleaning Filtration sustains a high level of performance.

  • With a Beam Central Vacuum System there are no filters and no screens to clean or replace.
  • Beam power units utilize an exclusive permanent self-cleaning material from the makers of GORE-TEX fabric.
  • By using cyclonic forces to separate dirt particles and allergens from vacuumed air the permanent filter removes tiny particles at a stunning 98% efficiency at 0.3 microns.
  • Dust particles do not stick to the Beam self cleaning filter surface like conventional filter media.  And most importantly, power is not lost as the bucket fills up, allowing the Beam central vacuum system to sustain a high level of performance after time.

The Beam Self-Cleaning Filter, cleans itself every time the system is turned off.

Filter Maintenance

Beam’s exclusive filter is permanent and self-cleaning.  However, if cleaning is desired, just follow these easy steps.

  1. Remove the dirt receptacle
  2. Wrap a large plastic rubbish bag around the lower portion of the power unit, holding it firmly in place  - (as illustrated).
  3. Grasp the sewn-in weight at the bottom of the filter through the bag (as shown).  Shake vigorously, dirt will drop into the bag.
  4. Carefully remove the plastic bag from the unit without disturbing the dust.  Empty the dirt receptacle into the bag, seal and dispose of bag.
  5. Replace the dirt receptacle on the power unit. 
  6. Remember, any dirt that is spilled can be easily vacuumed by attaching the hose to the utility inlet on the machine and activating the power unit with the manual switch. 

Beam New Zealand recommends that a new filter is fitted every 3-5 years. 

  • This will ensure that the Beam System will continue to  operate at its maximum potential.


Filtration System

The efficiency of the Filtration System used in the Power unit is an extremely important factor, which must be considered before you buy. 


Gore Vacuum filtration

Click on photo to see Beam Gore filtration efficiency Chart.

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