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Owner’s Manuals, Brochures and Video’s

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The extra suction power of a Beam Central Vacuum System means that it is a worthwhile exercise to regularly vacuum the upholstery of your furniture. The video shows the huge amount of dust collected after only a few strokes of the upholstery brush on a cushion of a couch.  This is the dirt that we bring in on our clothes and which we push into the upholstery.  Regular vacuuming will get rid of that dust from your home and lengthen the life of your valuable furniture.

This video shows that you can still use your Beam, even if the switch on the handle of the hose is not working.  The trick is to turn the hose sideways when you plug the end fitting into the wall.  The end of the hose bridges the contacts in the wall inlet valve and in doing that, overrides the switch on the handle and turns the System on.  Call your local dealer and he will be able to replace the switch on the handle.

This video shows the decisions and procedures required when you purchase a Beam Central Vacuum System.

This video explains the many benefits associated with owning a Beam Central Vacuum System.  They include freshening the air that you breathe in your home, increased suction efficiency and safety and ease of use.

This video explains the Beam Power Units floating filter.  The constant movement of this filter each time the machine is switched on and off means that the filter will not block.  The floating filter is more efficient than a static filter, (one that doesn't move) and is much easier to Service and clean.

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