Existing Ducting in your Home - BEAM

Existing Ducting in your Home

Does your house already have ducting installed?

If it does, then you have already paid for approximately one-third of your new Beam System.

In the last few years, many progressive builders have installed ducting in the homes that they built as an extra feature and to future-proof their homes, knowing the growing popularity of Central Cleaning Systems.

Many of these homes have never had the Systems completed.  This ducting will accommodate all of our Beam Power Units.

You most likely have noticed the Inlet valves or flat cover plates on the walls, in the hall or other living areas of your house.

In the garage, there is usually a pipe coming out of the wall with a piece of fine wire wrapped around it.

To commission a Beam System in this instance and get it up and running, is not a difficult task at all.

It is a simple matter of fixing a Power Unit to the wall in the garage and joining onto the pipe coming out from the wall.

If there are cover plates on the walls, they are removed and Hose Inlet valves are installed.

The system is then tested for correct suction at each of the wall valves.

Suction at Wall Inlet valve is tested.

Our agents will advise you on the size of the Power Unit required and give you the options of what Hose and Attachments you need.

Beam SC335 Power Unit

SC335 Power Unit, very tidy installation, would look terrific in anyone's house.

What a fantastic opportunity you have to install a Beam!

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