Venting the exhaust air from your Beam System outside is a good idea.

Venting the Central Vacuum System – Exhaust Outside

Venting the exhaust air generated by the central vacuum systems power unit directly outside is one which will appeal to many of our clients, especially those who have family members who suffer from  Respiratory illnesses. This is not a requirement but an option that our dealers make available to their clients.

Independent research proves a Beam Central Vacuum System removes 100% of contacted dirt, dust, mites, pollen and dander from your home. 

Central vacuum systems provide cleaner indoor air by efficiently removing particles without stirring up microscopic dust particles and remitting them into the interior of the home. The vacuum receptacle is vented outside of the living space keeping the air inside free of pollutants.

  • Beam Power units are usually installed in the garages away from the main living areas of the home. 
  • The exhaust generated when vacuuming is usually expelled into the garage.
  • Ideally, this exhaust air should be vented directly outside, this would prevent it from ever being blown back into the house, if the door into the house, was left open.

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Venting the exhaust outside is an option which is available if required by our clients. 

Families who have asthma, allergy or hay fever suffers are usually, much more conscious of the exhaust generated by vacuum cleaners.

Ask your Dealer about this option.



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