We are Beam - BEAM

We are Beam

In April 2017, Beam New Zealand celebrated 30 years in the NZ Central Vacuum market with a special anniversary conference at the Wairakei Resort in Taupo.

Beam New Zealand Ltd is owned by Eric Carr, Rob Mason, and Duncan Munro

We gathered together all our wonderful agents from around New Zealand and celebrated this fantastic milestone for the Company.

Beam New Zealand distribute their Beam and AEG Vacuum Cleaning Systems from a warehouse in Katikati, in the Bay of Plenty.

Beam HQ, 3 Wedgewood Street, Katikati

The stock arrives in 40-foot Containers from the United States intermittently throughout the year.
Container day, is a very busy time for our Warehouse staff as the container needs to be unloaded quickly so that the truck driver can carry on to his next assignment.

The container takes about an hour and a quarter to empty. Fortunately, we have some excellent helpers. Of course, the work really starts now for our warehouse staff. They have to check that everything has been delivered and that all is in order.

New Zealand was the first country worldwide to launch the new Beam Alliance range and has been at the forefront of ongoing developments with this award-winning machine range.

We were thrilled that our Systems passed the close scrutiny of the NZ Asthma Foundation and that we were accepted into their Sensitive Choice Programme.

With asthma and allergies affecting 20% of the population (and growing), the Alliance series was evaluated over a six month period and is now the only Central Vacuum System, recommended by the Asthma Foundation of New Zealand.

They found, that these Systems, by their design, truly help asthma and allergy sufferers, breathe healthier air inside their homes.

Beam New Zealand set up our display at the recent Respiratory Conference that was held at the Pullman Hotel in Auckland 22-23rd Nov. 2018


It is a great privilege to be associated with the NZ Asthma and Respiratory Foundation and their Sensitive Choice Programme.

The Conference highlighted the incredible work that is being done by dedicated health professionals in NZ in this field.

I attended a number of sessions at the Conference and was very impressed by the speakers and the determination shown by them, to make a difference and to help people in NZ, who suffer from respiratory problems.

Why the work of the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation is so important

Duncan Munro, Managing Director of Beam New Zealand, standing on the Beam Display at the Respiratory Conference.

With the Alliance System, Beam NZ have an award-winning product with a 10 year warranty.

We definitely set the gold standard in Central Vacuum Systems in New Zealand.

Beam NZ have 25 dealerships who cover all of NZ and offer a free 48 hour digital planning service to architects, builders and homeowners for the placement of the machine and plug-in points to the home.

A Beam Central Vacuum system can be fitted to a new home or retro fitted to any existing home.

Come and speak to us at your local Home and Garden Show.

Our Beam Dealers around New Zealand try and attend as many Home and Garden Shows as they can.

We do this because we love demonstrating and talking about our wonderful products.

We are very proud of Beam and we are the experts on installing them.

Home Shows are an excellent medium to do this, as many people who are wandering around, are looking for ideas and quality products to include in properties, they are about to build.

We always have very well qualified staff at these Shows, so that we can answer any questions that you may have about installing a Central Cleaning System in your home or in the new home, that you are about to build.

Below are a series of photo's taken at the North Shore Home and Living Show, October 2018

Eric Carr our Technical Manager on our Stand, note the Power Units and Information on display.

Eric carefully listening to an interested passer-by. Eric has a wide knowledge of our Systems and is an excellent man to ask the hard questions.

Eric taking notes of the gentleman's details so that he can follow up latter on.

Don't be shy about approaching our staff at these shows.

We love talking to people about our Systems and it is a very good opportunity for you to see, operate and discuss your needs and your particular circumstances, with regard to your new home.

You can feel the suction power, hear how quiet our Systems are, hear how and why you don't have to purchase bags, see how the buckets are emptied.  You can evaluate the quality that our Systems offer.

Also, we can tell you about the health benefits that Central Cleaning Systems offer for your family, especially if you or your children suffer from Asthma, Hay-fever or Allergies.

Note the Asthma Foundations Sensitive Choice Blue Butterfly on display.  Like them we are raging a war on dust in our homes and our Systems can be especially beneficial with regards to this problem.

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